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Learn about our Remediation Services

We specialize in moisture damage and stucco remediation

Advanced Plastering Inc. has over 100 plus years in combined experience in the stucco industry. We specialize in moisture damage and stucco remediation. We handle the whole process from start to finish.

Advanced Plastering’s accomplishments in Elastomeric Acrylic Finish technologies, Fortifiber Weather Smart and Jumbo Tex 60 weather-resistive barriers and Keane Drainage Mats contribute to our unparalleled ability to retrofit and repair vertical wall surfaces. Numerous drainable stucco assemblies, insulation systems, direct applied systems over substrate sheathings, even single applications of our finish coat confirms no company offers more fully warranted, cost effective options than Advanced Plastering.

Learn more about Residential Construction

One of our fastest-growing market segments is residential construction.

We offer a variety of enhanced traditional stucco and EIFS type assemblies that reduce potential challenges while increasing service life and improving customer satisfaction.

Advanced Plastering Exterior Assemblies enabled the architectural community and builder to offer homes with elegant appeal while maintaining a realistic budget. Whether you build more affordably priced homes or custom structures for the most discriminating clientele, Advanced Plastering can compliment your efforts by providing wall finish options unavailable from competitive manufacturers.

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Realizing construction time is of paramount importance to the builder. In considering subcontractor scheduling, return on investment and getting your finished project to market, Advanced Plastering can be the least time consuming phase of construction. Systems can be completed start to finish in as little as a few weeks. Mechanical attachment of Cenemtitious sheathing materials or foam insulation allows fiberglass mesh and Base Coat to be installed in the same day. After drying overnight, Advanced Plastering finishes and sealants will finalize the vertical walls. With the exterior portion completed, your home is now selling itself while the balance of construction is completed. We specialize in stucco, brick, stone and siding.

Learn more about Commercial Construction

Providing quality materials and services for commercial properties.

Advanced Plastering provides the beauty and performance required in an exterior cladding assembly while saving money and valuable time during construction. Upon completion, Advanced Plastering continues to save dollars year after year by minimizing scheduled maintenance, heating and cooling costs, while enhancing exterior appearance over the life of the structure.

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We provide services in General Construction

we provide the best exterior home solutions in worcester, pa.

A wide variety of applications and configurations are available to enhance the cosmetic appearance and life expectancy of your project. Unlimited range of colors, textures, together with design elements of foam plastic including cornices, moldings, columns, and quoins result in breathtaking designs at a reasonable cost. Advanced Plastering’s wall assemblies also address thermal breaks, moisture penetration, wind, and thermal swings supporting energy efficient construction keeping heat outside in the summer and inside in the winter. Our team of professionals offer the best exterior home solutions that are available today!